While I have yet to find an 'official' preorder on Butch's site, I did stumble across Amazon's preorder.
    $14.02 for Compact Disc, 

    $13.98 for vinyl on Amazon

    As I said before, I cannot wait for this album.  I have been on a big Butch walker kick lately, and even covered his cover of Taylor Swift's 'You Belong With Me'.  

    I'm not a superfan, however. You know what I mean- the people who know all his albums by heart, who know his middle name, know random facts about him and how he writes.  I feel like I'm a superfan of Ben Harper, and sometimes Brett Dennen.  And I do know alot about Butch, but it would be cruel to his real, hardcore fans for me to group myself in with them.

    I have tried finding some early reviews, to see what we are all in store for.  Lojinx.com wrote, 
    The Spade is an adrenaline-pumping blast of hook-fueled rock and roll that features 10 new tracks written by Walker in collabo- ration with his longtime band-mates, The Black Widows....                    The record showcases Walker’s sharp lyrical wit and unbridled affection for the anthemic pop of his youth. From first single “Summer of ‘89” (where he sings “Nobody really knew Bryan Adams wasn’t cool / The TV just told me he was”) to “Synthesizers” (“I don’t have a synthesizer / I can still get down like Duran Duran in 1985”), the album is full of knowing winks, half-cocked smiles, and monster sing-alongs. Walker writes with a boozy swagger, leading his band through what sounds like the soundtrack to the world’s greatest house party.  

    I cannot wait to see what this album is going to hold! I love the month or so before an album releases by any of your 'top' artists- or anyone you like more than others- because in that month, getting that album the moment it releases is the only album you care about.


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