I recently have caught the pedalboard bug.  I am currently using a friend's Pod X3 Live, and while I have found some good tones, many times there are too many choices, and I end up with a muddy tone because I don't know that much about it.  So I have decided to slowly work towards a pedalboard. (And by slowly- I mean I will be done with 3 pedals by 2014)

    Hillsong United Pedalboard
    Nothing fancy- nothing like some of Hillsong United's pedalboards- they have pedals stacked onto pedals!

    No, no.  My pedalboard will be much simpler- 3 or four pedals- overdrive, delay, compression/ sustain, reverb, ect.  I want simple, to help me find the tone I want and keep it.  With just one or two of a type of pedal- it is much easier to find the tone you are searching for than searching for a tone in a tone-stack.

    I already have a BBE Sonic Stomp Maximer, which is one of the greatest things I have ever heard.  It cleans up the sound  by adjusting the Lo Contour and the Process.

    Today, I am getting the MXR Classic Overdrive.  Guitar Center has an exclusive version on sale for $40 (they say the list is $149).  Everything I have heard about it is great news, and that it is really just a clone of Boss's SD-1 with some Ibanez Tube Screamer.

    But regardless of my "pedal-bug", I focus more importantly on the fact that I don't want my tones to be a distraction (in any form- bad sounding, good sounding, anything) from the worship of God.  I could have the best tones in the world, but if my worship of Christ is empty and hollow, it is all worthless.

    Are there any pedals you think I should check out?

    UPDATE: I did not get the MXR pedal today- they sold it before I could get there, hopefully next week's trip will turn out better.


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