Charlie Waddell is a writer, musician, film-lover, thinker, 'creative', and a very close friend.  I have always been amazed by the stories he has been able to write (like this story, for example), and figured I would invite him to write about his writing process.  This will be a two part series, with one post focusing on the reason he allows himself to be inspired, and secondly how those inspirations play out into his writing process.

    It's a pirate world, It's a free-for-all,
    They steal your bright ideas, and they make 'em dull.

    When I was first contacted about writing this post, I immediately thought, Do I have a creative process? (Actually, that is not quite true, when I was firstasked to write this post, I completely shirked the responsibility because I was in the middle of a deep, dark depression.) This is (kind of) what I came up with.

    The more I think about creation, the more I think that there is a certain level of confidence necessarily involved. (I know, I know--not the way you thought this would start--hear me out.) What I mean is: it initially takes guts to create and push your creation toward the public eye. However, after a few times of sharing your creations, the process no longer runs on courage, it runs on one's confidence.
    It's true. At least in my case and, I contend, many cases.

    If we continue to create once we defeat our fears of our work being ignored or rejected, we undoubtedly do so because we think that (a) our work is 'good,' (b) we are 'good' at our work, and/or (c) we have something to share, and we think we can share it in a way that is 'good' and pleasing. Confidence--maybe even a mild form of egoism.

    I would hardly accuse all you nice folks out there in Bloggersville or Graphic Desinington or Short Filmburg of being egomaniacs. However, I know that in my case, I continue to blog and create because (a) I think I have a lot to say and (b) I think the things I create are interesting and to some extent 'good.' I genuinely think I am a good writer with some creative and inventive ideas. If I did not, I would not create (or at least, I would not post my creations for the world to see).

    We as humans were created by, and are in the image of, our Creator, and so, I believe it is a need of all humans to create in some capacity--whether it be a poem, song, skateboard, scarf, or even a loving environment. We all must create. Creation itches within us. 

    And I love it.


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