Tonight is the Owens family reunion.  It is my grandmother's family, and my is it large!  My family is hosting it this year- which is irrelevant other than the fact that I didn't want this paragraph to have one sentence.

    The reunion is a time when we get to see family we normally don't get to see (which is by definition what a reunion is), but our reunion is also a time when we realize that people we have seen are actually related to us (sadly this has happened to me far too often.... at school, at Catalyst, at the mall.... I'm bad with names, and I'm bad with faces).  So every black Friday we fill a church gymnasium, eat to our hearts' content, and share with each other in the past year of our lives.

    The Owens family doesn't feel like a normal huge extended family.  It is one of the closest families I know.  Over the past 16 months- the Holmes clan of the Owens family has felt the loving embrace and prayers so much that it felt like we were just one huge nuclear family.


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